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Hi! It’s Jessica Louise.

Recording artist, vocal instructor & professional life changer. I help independent musicians discover their artist identity and breakthrough in their market so that they can make a living doing what they love!



When I first started on my journey as a recording artist, I was constantly busy trying to get my name out there to anyone who would listen. I spent hours on my social media, I went to all of the local jams and open mics, I was working as a waitress on the side to try to make ends meet. I felt like I was always working, but I still wasn’t seeing an increase in my music streams and (let’s be real) in my bank account.

There was only one thing that I was certain about and that was my dream of becoming a full-time professional singer. The dream was to get paid to travel the world as a singer and fulfill on my creative passion as a singer & songwriter.

But I had no idea how I was going to get from my waitressing job to that point!

That’s when I realized that I’d been going about it all wrong. So I re-evaluated my approach and here’s what I ended up doing.

I got my sound and branding consistent and started meeting the people that meant something in my niche. Soon after, I was being featured on major tracks and saw my Spotify plays and my social media following both increased at a rate I had never seen before! Through the increase in Spotify streams and Instagram followers, I started booking gigs regularly and was generating enough revenue to be able to quit my waitressing job.


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Since figuring out my unique sound and brand I’ve been able to:

  • Travel the world (all expenses paid) to sing in different countries

  • Booked 10X’s more (high paying) gigs (and say goodbye to “pay to play” shows!)

  • Expand and diversify my streams of income as a musician

  • Charge 5X’s more than when I first started

  • Successfully crowdfund over 100% for my debut album

  • Put together teams to strategize and push new releases and videos

  • Grow my social media following 1000%

  • Collaborate with Grammy award winning songwriters and producers

And now I’m out to help artists level up in their career!

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In 2018,

I started coaching students at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA in the areas of artist branding, strategy, social media, vocal performance and vocal technique. It’s become a second passion of mine to share my experiences to help others thrive.


Out of conversations with my students, it became clear to me that the struggles that I faced early on in my career, are still very prevalent now.


So I created a one-on-one mentorship course to help Independent Artists like you, powerfully create the career of your dreams.


Everything that I coach on is based on real-time and first-hand experience. There’s no handbook to making your dreams come true. It all starts by creating music that is honest and authentic to you and then creating strategy so the world can actually hear it!


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