You have a BIG dream

You know exactly what you want in your career as a musician and you can envision it all so clearly…

but you’re confused as to how to do it all by yourself.

People have told you to post on YouTube, go live on Periscope, post on Instagram, start a mailing list, perform any chance you can, etc. and honestly…


You want to the freedom to write more songs, collaborate with more artists and finally release the songs you currently have.


Let me guess…


  • Music is your life. There is no “Plan B”

  • You can clearly envision the moment you step on that stage to accept that Grammy Award (and you’ve even planned out your speech)

  • You’re a do-er. You believe in yourself and your dream to be a recording artist




  • You’ve spent days working on your YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, Periscope, Patreon and more without actually seeing a large increase in your music plays and (let’s be real here) your bank account

  • You’ve got a library full of songs and/or demos sitting in your hard drive waiting to be released! (seriously why do we do this?!)

  • You know that it’s possible to release music on your own, but you have no idea where to begin! Song splits? Copyright? Distribution? #HELP


You know people will LOVE your music, but you’re not clear on what to do to actually get them to hear it.


Let me fill you in on a little secret


All you need is some serious, dedicated and focused



With a direct strategy you will...

  • Be powerful and creative now that you’ve got a clear understanding of your goal, your target audience and what exactly needs to get done to reach them

  • Be fulfilled and happy knowing that you are taking steps that will actually make a difference in your career

  • Take specific action that will lead to measurable results (an increase in social media followers, Spotify plays, income?!)

  • Have released a song, EP or album on all or select online streaming platforms (SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music)

  • Have a curated brand consistent throughout all your social media platforms


I get it because I felt the same way when I first started as an independent artist. I was totally lost, spreading my energy and time too thin chasing after things that didn’t actually make a difference in my career.

That’s why I created my signature course


From A2A.png

“From Aspiring to Artist” is a 1:1 strategic coaching program for creative singers, songwriters and recording artists who are ready to take their career to the next level using my signature method.

It is an 8 Week Program that includes a one on one weekly coaching call


ends with you having a curated, consistent and authentic brand as well as a released a song, EP or album


Here’s how it works

The program is split into 5 phases


The Goal and the Plan

  • Determine what the main goal is for yourself as an artist (Book more gigs? Book studio sessions? Go on tour?)

  • Identify what is currently working and where we can make improvements

  • Develop a plan of execution, JUST FOR YOU



Artist Identity and Branding

  • Define who you are as an artist and get crystal clear on your brand

  • Deep dive into your target audience so that we can develop a clear and specific strategy on how to reach the people who have a higher potential of being your superfans

  • Review your current branding and establish a new brand that matches the aesthetic that you want for your new music release

  • Plan and execute your rebrand so that you have brand recognition and consistency across all of your social media platforms



Strategy Implementation

Now that we have a super clear understanding of our goal, our brand and our target audience, it’s time to kick things into high gear and TAKE ACTION

  • Establish what types of content and which social platforms would be best to utilize as a part of our brand strategy

  • Create a content calendar to schedule your posts

  • Develop a schedule for batch processing of your content so that you can say goodbye to the overwhelm you feel when having to think about posting everyday!



Releasing Your Music

One of the outcomes of this program is that you will have released a song, EP or album so that you’re music can finally be published independently!

  • Understand the ins and outs of releasing a song independently (the business aspect, the legal aspects, the social aspects) so that we can be fully prepared to release your music

  • Determine what content we need to promote the specific single and plan the content roll out on your content calendar

  • Upload your song, EP or album to a distribution platform

  • Go over steps to get playlisted

  • Prepare for your single/album LAUNCH DAY!



Monetizing Your Platforms

  • Review analytics to see what is working and what isn’t

  • Explore how to monetize your social platforms

  • Go over all of the different streams of income as an Independent Artist

  • Determine which stream of income you’d like to expand on and devise a plan of action to monetize on it



At the end of the program you will have…


All of this is set up so that you can book more gigs, grow your social media following and to be recognized as an Independent Recording Artist and not just an aspiring singer/songwriter.



Apply now to get an added bonus!

A 1:1 vocal coaching session from me FOR FREE!


In your bonus session, I’ll show you

  • Belting techniques to help develop a fuller tone in all of your range

  • Vocal warm-ups for you to use to practice and develop your natural ability to sing

  • Performance techniques to give you more confidence on stage and/or in the recording booth

  • Proper breathing and posture techniques that will unleash the true power in your voice!


“After working and meeting with you my singing has improved so much and as well with writing my own songs. You always helped me find my confidence in my work and you were always by my side to help me grow as a musician!” - Julia


“Being in your class brought something out of me I never knew I really had. You allowed me to be free as an artist. Your energy and spirit set this great vibe. I can’t thank you enough. Ending this year has been extremely amazing and just too good to be true.” - Anthony


“I’d say I’m super happy with where I’ve grown with these voice lessons mainly because I have finally found my tone, usually it takes me a full warm up to find my tone but now I have adjusted my breathing and air flow to find my tone right off the bat within the first few notes of singing. I wasn’t comfortable singing because I sound different every time but now I now how to stay consistent with my sound and voice.” - Cole


“You know how to encourage a student and give them confidence. That's really important, because without confidence nobody can sing.” - Toc


There’s never been a better time to be an independent artist. We literally have access to all of the tools we need to create our careers at our fingertips.

This is your opportunity to put a STOP to the voice in your head that says “I’m not good enough” and replace it with clear and direct action with accountability and mentorship from your coach.

Now is your chance to take action that will cause measurable results to fulfill on your dreams.


This is the perfect fit for you if…

    • You already have songs written but you need help developing strategy to get them out there

    • You’ve got so many questions about the music business and the industry and you’re over searching Ari’s Take for all of your answers

    • You’re tired of trying to do everything on your own and you would love it if someone could help you figure it out

    • You truly feel that your music needs to be heard and is up to par with other artists in your niche

    • You are ready to stop scrolling IG wondering how Tom Misch got over 10 million fans on Spotify on a DIY budget and ready to start taking your career into your own hands

By the end of the program you can expect to…

  • Have a fully aesthetic brand that resonates with who you are as an artist

  • Book more live gigs and recording sessions

  • Have a song, EP or Album available online for your fans to listen to

  • Increase your social media following

  • Feel AMAZING knowing that you finally took the steps to make your dreams come true


Seriously though, what if you could be doing what you love for a living?

I absolutely love what I get to do for a living.

But it wasn’t always like that for me.

Please allow me to introduce myself:


I’m Jessica Louise :)

I’m a recording artist, songwriter, vocal coach and strategy coach.

I help Independent Artists find their voice and define their artist identity to be able to start making moves that result in dreams fulfilled

When I’m not writing songs or working on a new project, I’m coaching independent artists on how to have powerful breakthroughs in their careers. I currently teach social media & branding as well as vocal performance and technique at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

Unlike most teachers, I actually didn’t go to school for music. I studied Theatre Arts and Business Marketing at CSU Long Beach and after I graduated, I decided to live the life of an Independent Artist. I worked as a waitress on the side, picked up any gigs that I could, and went to every open mic possible in attempts to develop my career.

I hit a super low point when I had realized I had spent all of my money and savings on my music and didn’t make any of it back.

That’s when I realized that I’d been going about it all wrong. So I re-evaluated my approach and here’s what I ended up doing.

I got my sound and branding consistent and started meeting the people that meant something in my niche. Soon after, I was being featured on major tracks and saw my Spotify plays and my social media following both increased at a rate I had never seen before!  Through the increase in Spotify streams and Instagram followers, I started booking gigs regularly and was generating enough revenue to be able to quit my waitressing job.

Since figuring out my unique sound and brand

I’ve been able to:

  • Travel the world (all expenses paid) to sing all over the world

  • Booked 10X’s more (high paying) gigs (and say goodbye to “pay to play” shows!)

  • Expand and diversify my streams of income as a musician

  • Charge 5X’s more than when I first started

  • Crowdfund over 100% of the funds needed for my EP

  • Grow my social media following 1000%

  • Collaborate with Grammy award winning songwriters and producers

Everything that I coach on is from first hand experience. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge of the biz to all of my students because I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through! (It sucked. Big time.)

I would’ve killed to have a mentor guide me instead of having to commit years to trial and error. Instead of being super creative all the time, I was wasting so much time doing things that weren’t even creating results that mattered to me. I spent years nurturing a community that wasn’t my target audience and because of that, I had great numbers on social media but I couldn’t sell out shows!

Don’t put yourself through that. And if you’re currently going through that, here’s a way out!

A dream is only a dream until you put it into action

And as Sabrina Claudio said, you “didn’t make it this far, just to make it this far”



Q: I have a couple of songs that I’ve written, but they’re not actually recorded yet. Is this course still a good fit for me?

A: Yes 100%! We structure each phase based on exactly what your goals are. I’ll work with you to figure out the best ways to get your music recorded so that by the end of the 8 weeks, you will have released a song, EP or album.

Q: I have 0 songs written! Can you still help me?

A: Of course! I will work with you to develop your style and sound so that you re-create a cover song in your unique style! So many indie artists make the bulk of their income through cover songs btw. And if songwriting is something you want to work on, we will create a plan of action for that :) We’ll still go over the fundamentals of your brand to make sure you have an audience to release your work to.

Q: I already go to school for music, what am I going to learn here that I’m not getting at school?

A: This program offers you the one on one mentorship to create a plan of attack and strategy that is specifically JUST FOR YOU. In school, a teacher might teach you about how to use Instagram or Facebook, etc. In this program, we develop action items to create a campaign around your new project so that you can increase your social media following to attract new listeners to your music.

Q: I don’t know how to produce music, how can I release my song if I don’t have a DAW?

A: tbh I don’t even know how to produce music! A lot of it is about collaborating with other people. In the program, I can give you a guideline on what to say to get the artists you want to collaborate with to say “yes!” Not only will your music get produced, but you’ve now increased your chances of more people hearing it by collaborating with the right people!

Q: I struggle with posting consistently on social media, will I have to do that here?  

A: Here’s the truth, consistency is key. In the program, we’ll create a content calendar with a strategy that will free up your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about posting 24/7. (trust me, I hate that feeling too!)

Q: I’m already super busy. I’m afraid I won’t have time to get all of this done.

A: I’m looking for artists who are fully ready to commit to making music their full-time job and who are ready to put in the work to setup that strong foundation. If this is you, hop on board!